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What we do

We convert on-ground data into actionable insights that benefit all farmers

Our Services

Allied Services

We offer agri consultation, veterinary services, soil & water testing, pesticide spraying, equipment rentals, and livestock development. These services support farmers, ensuring optimal farming practices and addressing their agricultural needs.

Retail Services

Our warehouse offers fertilizers, pesticides, pharmacy products, seeds, animal feed & semen, and a supermarket. Farmers can find all the necessary retail items for their agricultural needs in one place.

Financial Services

We offer lending, insurance, and leasing services to farmers. With capital, insurance coverage, and equipment leasing, we support farmers in addressing their financial needs effectively.


We offer supply chain, livestock marketplace, and marketing network services. Efficient product delivery, livestock trading, and broader market reach assist farmers in effectively merchandising their agricultural produce.

Our Offerings

Freshly prioritizes product quality, customer experience, and convenience. With exceptional service, we ensure a seamless shopping experience. As a one-stop solution for household needs, Freshly sets new trends with affordability and convenience. We take pride in delivering high-quality products and services to meet your everyday requirements.

K dukaan, available at Kisaan centers, showcases premium agri-input brands of fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, animal feed, and veterinary medicine. It offers a retail space with branded booths for members to explore and purchase preferred products from partner companies.

At K services, our team of experts provides a range of valuable services to benefit farmers. Our Vet services offer free animal consultancy services, timely treatment by trained vet officers, recommendations for deworming and vaccines, high-quality livestock medicines, and reliable artificial insemination services. Our Agri services include crop protection consultancy for farmers, pest control guidance, and access to certified fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds. We are dedicated to supporting farmers in their veterinary & agricultural needs.

At K lab, our team of experts utilizes advanced technologies to provide soil and water analysis services to farmers. We offer convenient tehsil-based testing for soil and water, allowing farmers to make informed decisions based on comprehensive reports. Our services enable effective nutrient management, crop planning, optimal crop rotations, pH level control for high pH soils, and assessment of tube well water suitability for irrigation amidst water scarcity.

Member Benefits

  • Free agri and veterinary consultations
  • Access to veterinary medicine
  • State-of-the-art soil and water testing labs
  • Quality farming inputs (fertilizer, pesticide, seed, semen)
  • Partner financial services (input financing, leasing, insurance, etc.)
  • Market partnerships and consultations
  • Information platforms for improved farming practices
  • Livestock history data and health management
  • Diverse opportunities in the Kisaan ecosystem
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