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What is Kisaan?

Kisaan is a platform that uses real-time data to assist farmers in their farming practices and livestock management. By leveraging data, Kisaan aims to enhance agricultural practices and improve the overall productivity and profitability of farming operations.

The platform offers various in-house services such as soil and water testing, retail, agricultural and veterinary consultations, pest & disease management, and livestock monitoring. These services enable farmers to make informed decisions about irrigation, fertilization, crop protection, and animal health, among other agricultural activities. Using real-time data, Kisaan helps farmers optimize their farming practices, minimize risks, and increase yields.

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Partnerships with us are instrumental in advancing Pakistan's agricultural sector. We grant partners improved access to on-ground data, allowing for a deeper understanding of their needs. Our current partnerships are with leading global companies and utilizing our collaboration with them, we aim to develop customized products and services and foster innovation, knowledge sharing, and sustainable growth. Together, these efforts will propel the transformative journey of the agricultural sector.

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